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Frends Headphones

Frends The Alli

Product code: rof010108

Colour: White/Ocean

€ 39,95

UK GBP 34.89
UK CHF 48.72

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The Alli Headphones

We all can't be DJs, but we all deserve to listen to our music the way it's supposed to be heard. That's why we created the Alli, a headphone that is lightweight and comfortable, but still sounds crip and true to the music that we live for. If you're like us, you take your music with you wherever you go - wheter skating those new slick benches the city just put in, or slashing through the trees out-of-bounds at your local mountain - the Alli goes where you go, and it won't ever drag you down like that big ass boom-box you used to try to shred with -that thing was busted


  •   Multifunction mic w/ play/pause, next, answer/hang-up
  •   iPhone and Blackberry Compatible
  •   Custom designed muc, strain relief and audio jack
  •   Fabric cord to alleviate tangles
  •   Custom Pouch with draw string
  •   Low profile, lightweight design
  •   Durable for an active lifestyle

Technical Specs:

  •   Driver Size - 30mm
  •   Frequency Range - 20-2000 Hz
  •   1kHz Sensitivity - 103 dB
  •   Impedance - 32 0hm
  •   Plug - 3.5mm Stereo
  •   Cord - 2mm Fabric w/ Mic