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Sevennine 13 Shoelace belts Hellbro

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Sevennine 13 Shoelace belts Hellbro

Product code: 7913 hell

Colour: Hellbro

€ 18,95

UK GBP 16.55
UK CHF 23.11

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Sevennine 13 Shoelace Belts Hellbro

This sevennine13 belt pack is designed by The Helgason brothers. Who discovered regular shoelaces didnt do the job. The buckle quickly tightens, releases and is super functional. Check these kick ass colorways and pro model designs, 7/9/13 creates a new definition of belt loop style.

Graphics and colours designed by Halldor Helgason

Package includes
  • 3 shoelace belts 150cm x 1.5cm
  • 3 buckles through which to feed and tigthen the belt                                       Exclusive 7/9/13 sticker available only if you buy this pack