Secret beanie

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Secret beanie

Product code: abh 05 12-red

Colour: red

€ 29,95

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Airblaster Secret

The Secret is a wonderful beanie. The basic idea is simple, you get a solid old school fold up beanie to keep you warm and cozy on those cool winter days. Then when the weather really turns south what will you find hidden inside your beanie? A face mask!!! Just pull this mask down and now you have a fleece mask to cover all your sensitive skin during the harshest of conditions. 90% of the time your face mask is tucked away and out of sight knowing however that at any point you can pull it down and save the day. Many might ask if the face mask ads bulk to the beanie and the answer is not much. Sure, it makes the beanie a bit thicker then normal but not enough to really notice. The secret is really a 2 in 1 design that allows you to be prepared under any weather that might come your way. Enjoy.