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Arblaster Ninja Suit tux

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Arblaster Ninja Suit tux

Product code: ab12mnj1 004-btx

Colour: black tux

€  124,95

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Airblaster Ninja Suit

The Best Long Underwear on the Planet. And we mean it. I have seen people resist trying the Ninja Suit. But I’ve never seen anyone who has tried the Ninja Suit once even attempt resistance afterwards. Why? 1)One piece design seals out drafts and snow. 2)Seven-panel stretch hood for temperature regulation. 3)4-way stretch fabric is comfy. 4)Wicking is awesome. 5)Ninjas are awesome. 6)The poop shoot rules. 7)Read #5 and 6 again. Just those two sentences together should make you realize that this thing is amazing. Keep in mind that I am really not shitting you. You might be laughing, but Ninjas are serious. And Ninja Suits are seriously the best long underwear on the planet

  • Air-Tech 4-way stretch wicking fabric
  • 7-panel ergonomic hood to seal out drafts and snow
  • Full-length front chest zip
  • Front fly for easy #1 access
  • Circumferential waist zip for ultra-easy #2 access
  • Thumb loops at wrist cuff to seal out snow