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Flatland bungee 5 meter (15 ft)

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Flatland bungee 5 meter (15 ft)

Product code: ftp1011 05

Colour: green

€ 99,95

UK GBP 87.28
UK CHF 121.90

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The Bungee Flatland System is an elastic rope, which helps you to speed up by snowboarding,
skiing, skimboarding, mountain- or skateboarding on flat and not steep enough ground. Simply
said to catapult people on frestyle and leisure equipment. The bungee is light, handy, Economically
and very powerful alternative to winch or car towing furthermore it is environement friendly, makes
no noises, doent stink and the police seems not to have something against it.

The more bungees will de sticked together as one string the higher will de the increase in speed.
The longer the rope, the more drive you get. The bungee comes with one handle.

This is the perfect tool for urban riding!

sizes 5 meter or 10 meter