Airblaster Airpill Goggle Hot Green

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Airblaster Airpill Goggle Hot Green

Product code: ablg 2012 hgn ach

Colour: Hot green

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AIRPILL Goggle Hot Green

The Airblaster AIRPILL goggle is our favorite. Clean and classic. The Airblaster goggle is something that many people see as a mystery. The question is often why do they cost so much yet look so plain and simple? Well... let me explain.

First the look of the goggle is intentional. We love it and we have wanted something simple for years. Personally we do not like the new space station looking crazy goggles on the market. If your into them great, more power to you but for us we like it clean and simple.

Second the goggle is produced in Japan in one of the top goggle factories in the world. The technology of these goggles are top notch. No corners are cut and nothing is made cheap at all. These goggles are the best on the planet.

Just because we like the look to be simple and basic does not mean we are willing to use a crappy goggle. We demand performance when on the hill and these goggles provide it better then any goggle in the world.

I could go on about the technical side but I rather focus on one thing and one thing alone. These goggles DO NOT FOG. Let me say this again, they DO NOT FOG! In over 4 years of wearing the Airgoggles I have only seen a couple with any type of fog on the lens and these were the result of incorrect use. Under ALL normal riding conditions these goggles will not fog and if you do not believe us try them.

The Goggles have a Moisture Impermeable Lens Function that regulates the elevation presser between the lenses and does not allow for condensation to build up that will end in fogging. They are amazing.

Seriously, do not take our word for it. Try the Airgoggles and you will be sold and we guarantee that.