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Airblaster Air Shades

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Airblaster Air Shades

Product code: abas 2012 blk

Colour: black

€ 14,95

UK GBP 13.05
UK CHF 18.23

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The Airshades are the sunglasses that started it all! These are UV 400 coated sunglasses that have that classic style we all know and love. The best part about this pair of sunglasses is that it is top quality and cost only 14,95. You could not only buy every color we offer for the same price of a pair of Frog Skins but you would also buy a new pair when you loose or break the first pair without any real concern. Not that money grows on trees or anything, we understand that your money is valuable and you must be cautious on what you spend it on. With this said why would you buy any sunglasses that cost more then 14,95? You can not even get that price at the local gas station.