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SHREDNBUTTER | Snowboard Webshop Europe

Shrednbutter is a rider owned snowboard webshop based in The Netherlands, we ship to all European countries. We specialise in snowboarding gear from alternative brands and high quality products that are found away from the main stream. We have some of the best snowboards on the market.

Our sales team have extensive knowledge in snowboarding, we've been selling snowboard gear for many years. Shrednbutter snow shop focuses on snowboard hardware and snowboard outerwear but we also have a large collection of snowboarding accessories, snowboard protection, snowboard gadgets and streetwear from selected snowboard brands. 

If you see something you like and you need more advice please let us know, we are here to help you find the best products and deals for you! contact us

Keep a look out for our team's video edits "Shabooms" too. Shred on fellow snow lovers!